Sprite Stitch Best Bits – Aug ’14


Sprite Stitch Best Bits

August is always a mixed month for Sprite Stitch, which a whole slew of large projects done over the summer, and a few small back to school items, its always hard to pick the best, but here’s a quick roundup:

First up is this awesome two sided pillow by lpgeorge123. One side is Zelda A Link To The Past light map, and the other is the dark!

link to the past pillow 1 by lpgeorge123 link to the past pillow 2 by lpgeorge123

For our charity square roundup we have this hilarious Animal Crossing: Wild World fish by arkani.

animal crossing by arkani

Crystal Rose‘s Pokemon charm bracelet is every nerd dream.

Gotta Wear 'em All by Crystal Rose

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To end on a high heres the Tetris opening show by Batboard.

Tetris by Batboard

See you next month!

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