Sprite Stitch Best Bits – April ’15


Sprite Stitch Best Bits

Lord Helix rises again! Yes, myself and SarynKitamo are trying to convert you to our fake religion. What of it?

Helix by SarynKitamo

Stitchmond is back in the round up this month (how fast does he stitch!?!) with this great Hylian Goddess sampler.

Hylian Goddesses Sampler by Stitchmond

I’ve started binge watching Marvel again, and so when I saw this Biscornu from Sheepish, I squealed with joy.

marvels agents of shield by sheepish

And finally, shameless self promotion (and sheer annoyance that I didn’t bother spell checking before I started stitching) is my Team Rocket Typography.

team rocket typography by lordlibidan

See you next month!

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