Sprite Stitch Best Bits – April ’16


Sprite Stitch Best Bits

We start this week with an amazing piece. Whilst I’ve never played Xenoblade Chronicles I’ve seen some great compositions from it, and I’m glad to see Damaniel did this one.

Xenoblade Chronicles by Damaniel

Second up is a fantastic BlazBlue piece (a game I’ve never heard of) by alaith_rose91

taokaka from blazblue by alaith_rose91

Malfore with a first for the Sprite Stitch Best Bits roundup has made a great Final Fantasy VI BlackJack with other 55000 stitches.

final fantasy VI BlackJack by Malfore

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The monthly challenge wraps up soon; and my gut tells me Stitchmond might just win with this great MegaMan piece.

megaman by Stitchmond

See you next month!

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