Sprite Stitch Best Bits – Aug/Sept ’15

Sprite Stitch Best Bits

We start this week with one of the first craft swap gifts. This time we have an awesome portal float frame project by carand88.

portal float frame by carand88

Our challenge this month of “Your house is your home”was easily taken by this TARDIS clutch by Clarington.

doctor_who_clutch by clarington

The stitching behemoth Stitchmond has been at it again with Dr Seuss come Pokemon and Chocobo stitches.

pokemon_dr seuss mashup by stitchmond chocobo_dr seuss mashup by stitchmond

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And finally, a killer project by 015Ekan which I may have missed off last month… Sorry about that!

donkey kong by 015ekan

See you next month!

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