Sprite Stitch Best Bits – August ’13

Sprite Stitch Best Bits

Back again! I hope you didn’t miss us, but the break has given us loads of awesome stitches to show off.

Starting with June/Julys Monthly challenge second placer, blackberrybear with an awesome blackwork Zelda logo.

zelda blackwork by blackberrybear

Our weekly charity square patch comes from Blink190 with this Zelda Minish Cap ending. This was one of the last to be completed, as soon the quilts will start being assembled!

Minish Cap by blink190Our next entry is a rooks card from the SNES game Arcana by tyrannorus

arcadia by tyrannorus

Another new comer has come to show their wares with MaliciousBacon‘s Megaman 2 castle.

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Lord Libidan - The Man Himself

MegaMan 2 Castle by maliciousbacon

And lastly, my fellow mods have forced me into posting something of my own (this was done under duress), however enjoy a Pokemon tattoo stitch courtesy of your own Lord Libidan.

pokemon tattoo by lordlibidan

See you next month!
Lord Libidan is a rising star in the cross stitch world, most recently focusing on video games. He now blogs for Sprite Stitch, the most popular video game craft blog. He hand picks the best of the month from the ever active community at the Sprite Stitch Forums.

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