Sprite Stitch Best Bits – Feb ’15


Sprite Stitch Best Bits

February is apparently the least happy of all the months. It appears however that science is yet to catch up on the latest goings on at SpriteStitch. Why you ask? Well I dare, DARE you not to find this hilarious.

Poke Pun by rbaron

Whilst the rbaron is out to make the world laugh, Sheepish is looking to enlighten the world with this ace yin-yang Sailor Moon piece.

sailormoon ying yang by sheepish

But not we get down to serious business. All month I’ve been rocking Dragon Age, and it appears PinkPoodle was too.

the inquisition by pinkpoodle

And not that I’m favoratist or anything, but PinkPoodle‘s other stitch of the month REALLY makes me think about Bethesba’s E3 stand this year. *fingers crossed*

new vegas by pinkpoodle

See you next month (so long as I can survive the blight)!

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