Sprite Stitch Best Bits – February ’10

Sprite Stitch Best Bits

This new year has brought some craziness into my life, my wife and I had our first baby (molly marie) right before christmas…I thought I’d do a video game baby craft themed post for this month, enjoy!

Pokebib by Schala-Kitty


Duck Clothes by Cakester


5 veggies a day (smb2) by Loora


megaman onesie by benjibot


Grumble Zelda Bib by equality5271


Kirby Burp Cloth by Ellentje

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Casstasstrophe's Big Bang Theory needlepointed Tissue Box Cover


Pacman Ghost Bib by Aelys


Hope you enjoyed the baby-fest, See you next month!


johloh is an avid crafter, classic gaming junkie, and most recently a blogger.  He founded Sprite Stitch, a popular video game craft blog. The best place to get a hold of him is over on the ever active Sprite Stitch Forums.

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