Sprite Stitch Best Bits – Jan ’15


Sprite Stitch Best Bits


lordhelix by hornypig

This month we’re celebrating the slightly out of the way games immortalised in stitch. And what better way than a Twitch Plays Pokemon reference by hornypig?

japanese metroid by stitchmond

Metroid, whilst having a major cult following in the West, is a Japanese title, so what better way to show your love than with a Japanese cut out like this one by stitchmond

casino kid by Sardonyx

But if that’s not your thing, how about the old school NES title Casino Kid, which has an iconic screenshot used by movies and cartoons alike for years? Looking at you Simpsons. Nicely stitched on 28 count by Sardonyx 

See Also
Xmas Love, by Mr X Stitch

dragon warrior by ainobethie

But with Valentines day around the corner, how about an anniversary gift? It was only two years late… The Dragon Warrior husband by ainobethie

See you next month!

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