Sprite Stitch Best Bits – September ’09

sprite stitch best bits

Hi! I’ll be writing a monthly post of my favorite projects that have been posted up on my site Sprite Stitch. Without further ado, here they are…

Mario Kart Towel by swinimer


Tiny Link Stitching by jhoeymonster


Super Mario World by nanna


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by LiquidKarma


Yoshi Meets Kirby by Zombified



johloh is a avid crafter, classic gaming junkie, and most recently a blogger.  He founded Sprite Stitch, a popular video game craft blog. The best place to get a hold of him is over on the ever active Sprite Stitch Forums.

Lord Libidan
Lord Libidan is a cross stitch designer and artist by day, member of aristocracy by night. He stitches and designs video game and contemporary cross stitch, and tries to break the mold when ever possible.
Lord Libidan


#CrossStitch extraordinaire! #VideoGame and pop culture bits too. See my portfolio at https://t.co/0gLbGgbuNy
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Lord Libidan

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