Sprite Stitch Best Bits – July ’10

This month we’re going to take a look at an elite group of sprite stitchers, the map makers.  These projects are epic in scale and degree of awesomeness. These images are way shrunken down, I suggest you follow the links to see larger images that do these works justice.

We’ll start off with the most recognizable of the group, Super Mario Bros 3 – World 1 map by the cross stitch ninja.

The largest of the group is Zelda: A Link to The Past map by servotron.

Super Mario Bros 3 – World 2 by the cross stitch ninja

Zelda: Link’s Awakening by the cross stitch ninja…are you noticing a trend here?

And last but not least we have a great Zelda: Oracle of Ages map by Blink 190!

See you next month!


johloh is an avid crafter, classic gaming junkie, and most recently a blogger. He founded Sprite Stitch, a popular video game craft blog. The best place to get a hold of him is over on the ever active community at the Sprite Stitch Forums.

Lord Libidan
Lord Libidan is a cross stitch designer and artist by day, member of aristocracy by night. He stitches and designs video game and contemporary cross stitch, and tries to break the mold when ever possible.
Lord Libidan


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