Sprite Stitch Best Bits – July ’14


Sprite Stitch Best Bits

This years charity square is really starting to hit it off, with a whole slew of new stitches coming through, so why not have a post devoted to them?

This Fallout New Vegas stitch by SonnySplendor is amazing. Although I am obsessed with Fallout…

Fallout New Vegas by SonnySplender

Retro Legend Of Zelda stitch by SofraStarfyre is a sure hitter too.

Legend Of Zelda by SofraStarfyre

rockinwithrammstein has brought a long forgotten classic back with this Jak 2 stitch.

Jak II by rockinwithrammstein

This retro N64 stitch of Super Mario by Timore is also brilliant.

Super Mario N64 by Timore

See you next month!

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