Sprite Stitch Best Bits – June ’14

Sprite Stitch Best Bits

This months challenge hasn’t yet finished its voting, but ashntoph’s three colour Mario, Peach & Luigi stitch is looking like a winner.

Mario, Peach & Luigi by ashntoph

I’ve mentioned ipr88’s Bioshock infinite stitch before, but now its finished; oh does it look good.

bioshock burial at sea by ipr88

Queenbex has finished this Legend Of Zelda stainglass piece, which has been a highly anticipated stitch over in the forums.

legend of zelda by queenbex

natepopinski’s Super Punch Out stitch is super impressive due to his creative way of displaying his work.

super punch out by natepopinski

See you next month!

Lord Libidan

Born to British Aristocracy, the man now known as Lord Libidan discovered the art of cross stitch while in a Buddhist monastery high in the Himalayan mountains. After meditating on the craft for years, he emerged from his retreat ready to challenge the prevailing paradigm and elevate embroidery to new levels. Focusing his talents on video game and pop culture cross stitches, he produces work that pushes as the boundaries of the form.

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