Sprite Stitch Best Bits – June ’12

Sprite Stitch Best Bits

Pop culture. What happens when it hits each other with powerful punches? Well, something like this by Harku.

I can’t say I’m a fan of the subject matter, rather too creepy for me, but when someone takes the time to do something like this, it deserves to be put everywhere. Even your nightmares. Thanks starrley.

Mario and tails! My two best friends. Literally. 2nd players. Luigi and Sonic FTW! Still a good stitch though RMDC.

The sheer passion of a game can sometimes get out of hand. I feel helliumkidd might be a little bit too obsessed with street fighter 2…

See you next month!
Lord Libidan is a rising star in the cross stitch world, most recently focusing on video games. He now blogs for Sprite Stitch, the most popular video game craft blog. He hand picks the best from the ever active community at the Sprite Stitch Forums.

Lord Libidan

Born to British Aristocracy, the man now known as Lord Libidan discovered the art of cross stitch while in a Buddhist monastery high in the Himalayan mountains. After meditating on the craft for years, he emerged from his retreat ready to challenge the prevailing paradigm and elevate embroidery to new levels. Focusing his talents on video game and pop culture cross stitches, he produces work that pushes as the boundaries of the form.

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