Sprite Stitch Best Bits – April ’13


Sprite Stitch Best Bits

Another month and another set of stitches! Sadly we missed a few great peices last month, and so the first one by sirinth of a beaded and backstitched Zelda is actually from the March!

zelda by sirinth

I’ve seen a few triptych in my time, but this duodecptych by AlisterNix is jaw dropping.

nintendoland by alisternix

I don’t think I can say amount about natalielowen‘s piece that: A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

a long time ago by natalielowen

This great use of colour is a fantastic example of caslzelda‘s skills.

Links awakening by caslzelda

And as always where would we be without a charity square? Minecraft by icedragonj

Minecraft by icedragonj

See you next month!
Lord Libidan is a rising star in the cross stitch world, most recently focusing on video games. He now blogs for Sprite Stitch, the most popular video game craft blog. He hand picks the best of the month from the ever active community at the Sprite Stitch Forums.

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