Sprite Stitch Best Bits – November ’09

Link cross stitch by riotpatch

Sprite Stitch Best Bits

Hi everyone! Johloh here, dishing up your monthly dose of pixels…
Let’s get stuck in!

Wind Walker Stained Glass by ShelfLife_Ashley.

Wind Walker Cross Stitch

Baby Princess Bib by Aelys.

Baby Princess Bib

Bubble Bobble Clock by jazzhands.

Bubble Bobble Cross Stitch Clock

Link by riotpatch.

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Feeling inspired? Don’t be afraid to share your video game inspired craftiness with me over at Sprite Stitch. See you next month! 🙂


johloh is an avid crafter, classic gaming junkie, and most recently a blogger.  He founded Sprite Stitch, a popular video game craft blog. The best place to get a hold of him is over on the ever active Sprite Stitch Forums.

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