Sprite Stitch Best Bits – November ’12


Sprite Stitch Best Bits

November was an amazing month on the Sprite Stitch forums! In honor of Sprite Stitch’s 5th anniversary, this month has been crammed full of mini challenges and giveaways. We’re planning another 5 years and we like to dream big, so check the website out and see what we have in store.

So the first mini challenge was to create something for Sprite Stitch’s birthday. The winner was LinkIsMyHomeboy. Who made this, a take on our symbol:

The larger two month challenge ended this month as well. It’s called the “Glow in the Dark” challenge because some element of the project had to glow. Many entries used glowing floss or blending filament. The winner, by a landslide,  is TheMainlander with this awesome Batman idea:

I’ve also gone on quite a bit about this years Child’s Play charity quilts, and the first went up for auction and and Sprite Stitch members were able to raise $202.50!


We also had some amazing giveaways in November. If you haven’t joined the forums yet, come on over. It’s tons of fun!

The current challenge for December is Villains! So come on over and reminisce about your childhood gaming memories!

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