Sprite Stitch Best Bits – Oct ’12

Sprite Stitch Best Bits

Sprite Stitch is 5! And for the event we’re doing loads of things from giveaways to challenges, so check out the blog and forums to enter!

The first spotlight from the forums this month is the awesome traditional sampler from yafashelli. Just look at the colours in this thing, have you ever seen something like that before?

Another sampler, and far more traditional, comes from TheBean who’s love of Final Fantasy sadly isn’t met by his iron…

We’re never short of Final Fantasy lovers on Sprite Stitch, but rosey175’s love goes beyond most. Not content with stitching the logos for VII and VIII, she intends to do all 16 games! Which wouldn’t be so hard if they weren’t massive.

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And final, as its coming up to Christmas, I thought I might give you all a few ideas with this clever plastic canvas Angry Birds card design by toobusytostitch.

See you next month!
Oh, and if you like giveaways, keep your head around the blog for the next few weeks.
Lord Libidan is a rising star in the cross stitch world, most recently focusing on video games. He now blogs for Sprite Stitch, the most popular video game craft blog. He hand picks the best from the ever active community at the Sprite Stitch Forums.