Sprite Stitch Best Bits – Sept ’14


Sprite Stitch Best Bits

We’ve been deeply embedded in the Sprite Stitch yearly craft swaps this month, but despite that we’ve managed to get a whole series of awesome stitches too!

Our monthly challenge this month was a resurrection of the silhouettes challenge we had 3 years ago, and the current favourite is a Navi by HornyPig. I just love the slightly hidden However there’s still time to vote, so get on over!

Navi by HornyPig

Secondly, is something that started off as an entry to the monthly challenge, but instead her plan changed. Miss Clawful‘s Duck Hunt Tattoo’d Dog is great!

Duck Hunt Tattoo'd Dog by Miss Clawful

Next up is this Metroid by out2lunch. You rarely see green in a cross stitch, but damn, does it work…

metroid by out2lunch

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Finally is a swap gift that I just couldn’t resist to show you guys. Icedragonj’s gift for merrywether of a zelda triforce uses great embroidery work.

zelda triforce by icedragonj

See you next month!

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