Too Cute Tuesday – Wolfie by Squirrel Momma


Pushing the boundaries of what is “cute,” I give you this marvelous artwork by Squirrel Momma.



So very, very much to love here. Let’s start with the masterful needlefelting of the big bad wolf. So much detail and expression in his victorious eyes.


Let’s move on to the brilliance of the story. Letting the wolf from Little Red Ridinghood be his nasty self turns the fable on its head. Sometimes the bad guy wins, after all.


Finally, the construction of the piece. Wolfie is bursting out from the core of the book, mouth opened, eyes shining, ready to rip you to shreds and turn Little Red Ridinghood into his dessert. Such a lovely composition, slicing as she does into the book’s cover.

Amazingly creative and perfectly executed.

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Check out more of Squirrel Momma’s work in her flickr stream and shop. (This piece was made for the Etsy Plush Team Challenge.)

Cute and bad!

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