Too Cute Tuesday – Stephen LaLonde

Enjoy the cutest needlecrafts on Mr X Stitch - it's Too Cute Tuesday!

A special Too Cute Tuesday today with a terrific combination of cute stitching and a cute story. I received an email from Joanne Arnett, who told me the following story:

My son asked to do needlework with me and he came up the coolest skull and crossbones ever! This is his first project, [he’s 12 years old] and of course as his mom I’m biased, but I wish I made something that cool when I was a kid.
Stephen LaLonde's excellent Skull & Bones

It’s a groovy little stitchery that, and the one instance when it’s not Too Cute for Mr X Stitch! 🙂

Check out Jo’s blog to see her stitch her way through every corset pattern in Norah Waugh’s book, Corsets and Crinolines.

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