Melissa Emerson

Australia flag

Location: Canberra

Featured Places: Northampton & Canberra


I created this piece to highlight the closeness of my two sons when we migrated from the U.K. to Australia in January 2021. We moved at the height of the corona virus pandemic and we were in a strict lockdown. We said socially distanced goodbyes to our friends and families – only being able to spend a few brief minutes with my parents and siblings on their driveway. I desperately wanted to hug my parents before we left on this enormous adventure, but restrictions meant we were not allowed. We said goodbye on Christmas Day.

My sons have always been very close, but this journey has made their relationship and love for each other even stronger. They have such an amazing ability to always support and protect each other, no matter what. They are wonderfully strong and show great resilience. I am honestly in awe of them.

Within the embroidery I have included maps of our homes in each country; the red dots showing locations of our homes, schools and dear friends. I have stitched the maps using metallic thread, the brighter and thicker map is our home in the U.K. It is brighter because whilst we love it here, the U.K. is where our hearts and families are.