Crystal Barbrick

Canada flag

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Featured Places: Nova Scotia, Canada

In my piece I included Nova Scotia tartan. The white and blue stand for water. Green is for the forests, red for the royal lion on the Arms of Nova Scotia, and gold for the province’s historic Royal Charter.

The maple leaf is to represent Canada.

The schooner is the Bluenose which was built in 1921 in Nova Scotia and the Bluenose 2 was built in 1963. The Bluenose is a racing and fishing vessel. Nova Scotians are also nicknamed Bluenose.

Nova Scotia Strong was a saying that was started last year during the pandemic and other challenges Nova Scotians faced during the 2020/2021 year.

I love my province and when I think of it, I think of all the people who come together during a challenge and the beautiful place we live.