Ceci Rivera Vera

France flag

Location: Saint Andre de Majencoules

Featured Places: Lima, Peru & Saint Andre de Majencoules, France


My name is Ceci Rivera Vera , I’m textile artivist and story teller. I’m from Peru and I live in France since 2005. My story is named : 10203 which is the distance in kilometers from Lima – the city I was born – and Saint André de Majencoules, the village where I live in the South of France.

Two colors are symbolically represented in my stitched art: blue and green. The global South and North , always connected in a continuous flow.

Moving out from a big city to a rural town was a challenge. Life goes slowly and the nature of relationships were quite different than my previous environments (For many years, I had been a traveler across the globe). I started thinking how could I create interaction with villagers considering what we had in common rather than our differences. Inviting old ladies to learn some textile techniques, telling stories in women’s circles and making population be aware of women’s rights were some ways to approach myself to local people.

It was not an easy way but with time, passion and stubbornness, we (villagers and me) have created a especial relationship. Everytime I tell them that I will travel to Peru for holydays, they reply me “c’est bien mais reviens-nous vite” – It’s ok, but come back to us soon.