Laura Jacquemond

France flag

Location: Lyon

Featured Places: Lyon


You too would move slowly with only one foot.

It’s true, I go slow, my single foot gliding along my shiny slime path. I have the time to sniff the sweet breeze, savour the sunshine and linger on the rain-drenched lavender plants with my friends after a shower or storm.

I have become an astute observer of other creatures with multiple legs, feet, wings even, as they scurry this way and that, in a hurry. Flitting and flying, flapping, stopping only for a moment, then on their way again.

I am the embodiment of slow living. And I ask you, my fast-walking, two-legged friend…I ask you, will you follow my example? Will you go slow today? Will you stop for a moment to watch an insect, to sniff the breeze, to taste the rain?