Dawn Sarah Ramseier

Switzerland flag

Location: Basel

Featured Places: Basel & Edinburgh


My name is Dawn Sarah Ramseier, I live in Basel, Switzerland and am a cross stitcher. I use the name Frosty XStitch on social media when it comes to my stitching, as Frosty has been my username for a lot of other things for a long time.

Basel is my home and next to Edinburgh my most favorite city ever. My parents (dad Swiss, mum British) met in Woodbrooke, Birmingham (UK), while my mum, a Quaker, was there for the summer and my dad was traveling around the British Isles and stopped off for an english language course at the same place. The Swiss P-26, a secret agency, put this in my dad’s file under “he studied theology in the UK”, which makes me laugh whenever I think about it.

They got married and moved to Switzerland right after the wedding. This made me a dual citizen Swiss / British and I grew up speaking three languages; english / Swiss German / German.

My British grandparents had a huge rose garden and my grandad also created a new rose, but always had space for some forget-me-nots for my granny. The smell of fresh garden roses is the most relaxing and invigorating smell ever. When we moved into the new house, in Basel City, we had roses in the garden. Unfortunately over time they grew old and have mostly been removed.

Being British I need my English Breakfast tea for breakfast or I can not get going. I also collect mugs, ever since I received my first “Virgo” mug from my Aunt & Uncle from Edinburgh. It is a mug by Dunoon, my favorite mug company.

To bring in the element of my chosen job, that I love even though being unemployed, I added the HTML symbol </> and used it placed around Basel as that is where I worked all my life, first as a machine draftswoman, then as a full stack software developer

I hope you like my own design and appreciate the work and thought I put into it, as I changed my mind a few times about what to put on the canvas and what not. Liking it so much, I would like to keep it, as I am pretty proud of what I have created… If you are interested in a Swiss / British cross stitcher, you can find me on YouTube, search for “Frosty XStitch Flosstube”.