Annie Salmon

UK flag

Location: County Durham

Featured Places: London, Yorkshire, Dorset


I was born in Beckenham, Kent to parents from the north east of England. The area became the London Borough of Bromley during my childhood. I identify strongly with being a Londoner with Northern genes. I have moved around the country many times for both study and work in the NHS.

Our last move was from Yorkshire to Dorset to be slightly closer to my widowed father, who still lived in Beckenham.

My hoop is made up of the flag of Dorset (red edged white cross made from the lyrics of “What a wonderful world” on yellow background), an outline of the Yorkshire Rose (my dad) in three colours representing my mum (Tyneside – white fishing rope) and my sister (purple) and brother (yellow).

The seven hearts are in the favourite colours of my partner and 6 of my closest female friends who live all over the U.K. Finally the River Thames (representing me) in running stitch across the top is made up of three blues – two for the river itself and one of NHS blue. Brexit made me think a lot about identity and I realised that I can feel at home anywhere because I carry my loved ones with me in my heart. Having said that I feel I belong in Dorset now and cannot see us leaving here.