Bernadette Bone

UK flag

Location: Stalybridge

Featured Places: Bahamas, Lancashire (UK)


I was born in Freeport in the Bahamas to parents who are both from Lancashire and who can trace their families back many generations within Lancashire. Although we moved back to the UK when I was just 2 years old my place of birth is an important part of my story and my identity. I was the only white baby in the hospital when I was born and was weaned on conch fritters!

The image on my hoop has in yellow the outline of the world map with the tiny location of the Bahamas filled in yellow satin stitch, in pink is a conch shell from the Bahamas and in red the Lancashire Rose. The UK is filled in yellow and black satin stitch to signify Manchester (from the Hacienda yellow and black chevrons) as my home for the last 20 ish years and the place my children have been born.