Bernie Velvick

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Location: Preston

Featured Places: Preston


I wanted to make a piece of embroidery for this project to express my joy at being part of our
multicultural society. It’s a mixture of styles I’ve learned from all the lovely people from different
cultures who have brought their colours and patterns with them to Lancashire. Plus the blanket stitch, chain stitch and lazy daisies I learned as a child. Multiculture in action.
My love for textiles and patterns began as I learned to stitch lazy daisies on traditional linen tablecloths, witnessing the young women in fantastically embroidered, brightly colored saris taking part in the Preston Whit Processions in the 1960s. And hearing one exclaim “Mi feet’re killin’ mi” in the broadest Lancashire accent.
This love affair continued throughout my lifetime. Being taught to sew beads by a lovely South Asian artist in the Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston. Researching, making costumes and taking part in Preston Caribbean Carnival many times. Learning about African fabrics through an African arts project at Prescap (Preston Community Arts Project).
I’m born and bred in Preston so I especially welcome the riches brought by many people whose lives have been uprooted and families shattered in their life’s journey. I applaud their courage and generosity and will be forever grateful and thankful to them for becoming part of my world.