Kath Fox

UK flag

Location: Newark, Nottinghamshire


The Ties that Bind

Thinking about my life journey so far and the place that I started from, I began to focus upon my central core; the essence of me, the thing which gives me my sense of self and of belonging.

The twisted silk spiral starts in the centre of the piece and winds and curls its way onwards and outwards whilst remaining anchored to the original starting point – the solid core. As I twisted and couched the silk fabric, I began to think of it as an umbilical cord, the first tie that binds us to life, the essential life line that we start our journeys attached to.

Taking its meandering route across the fabric the line represents, not only my life’s journey but the common journey we are all on.

Embroidered in split stitch, lines emanate from the cord, criss-crossing each other they double back, take dead ends and sometimes retrace steps, patches of appliquéd silk show periods of calm and stability whilst all the time the centre remains steady and strong.

The back of the piece is unfinished with strands of silk left to dangle – these are the lines that I may choose to pick up once more as I continue my life.