Sumi Perera

UK flag

Location: Redhill, Surrey

Featured Places: England, Scotland, South Africa, Sri Lanka

Seven hoops to represent:

  • my two daughters (one born in Sri Lanka, the other in England),
  • their husbands (one born in South Africa the other in Scotland),
  • my two grandkids (both biracial) &
  • myself (born in Sri Lanka), are stitched layering various fabrics, fibres, threads & materials representing different skin tones.

For the symbolic elements: I tried to research the following National Symbols of our various countries of birth, which seemed to vary, dependent on which source I consulted. So I integrated an abstract seamless representation of all the findings into the narrative. The common factor was water our affinity & that majority lived by the sea.

The grandkids hoops were left fairly sparse representing their limited life experiences. There was as much information left outside the hoop, as within the hoop.

Most of my work explores the cusp between the inside & outside.

Life is all about connections, influences & integration.

As my family have many multicultural facets, it is equally important to retain the internal roots of our native or national identity, while also learning to assimilate, absorb & integrate with new external strands.