Wendy Lavery

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Location: Liverpool

Featured Places: Liverpool


I now live in Liverpool – a city I have come to love for its vibrancy, friendliness and outspokenness. We arrived here after two decades of moving around England and a five-year stay in Brussels, Belgium (another lovely city). It is now a place to rest and put down roots for a while.

My childhood and early adulthood also involved moving around a lot, this time in Southern Africa where I’m from. I miss its vibrancy, friendliness and outspokenness (and, to be honest, the sunshine).

In my hoop I have tried to convey the different spaces in terms of landscape, environment and vegetation, so that the African portion is mostly in shades of brown, and sand with patches of fynbos. The threads used in this portion are hand dyed in Cape Town and the path from north to south is appliqued bark fabric. It is the landscape of my growing that I miss – hot and dry and harsh at times, with bursts of life when the rains come. The English section has more vibrant greens and pinks, with touches of red and yellow. It is the green and crowded colourful flowers that speak to me of the north.