Alyssa Kipp

USA flag

Location: Colorado

Featured Places: Rocky Mountains, Sonoran Desert and more!

By the time I was 35, I had lived in 25 different places across the USA. They ranged from the Rocky Mountains to the Sonoran Desert, the Great Plains to the Pacific Ocean, and the people I shared them with were just as varied. For five years now (and counting!) I have been settled in my own little house in the mountains with my own little family.

The path here has taken me to some amazing places, but it has also been twisty and unpredictable, full of bumps, potholes, and detours. From my current vantage point in my cosy mountain home, I can look back (through admittedly rose-tinted glass) on a few happy vignettes of the places that come to mind first, framed by the people who, just by being there, made those places into homes.