Frances L A Dack

USA flag

Location: Sacramento, California

Featured Places: Richmond, California – Nashville, Tennessee – Coral Gables, Florida – Alexandria, Virginia


My 6″ embroidery includes all the states (green) and cities (red) in which I have lived throughout my 68 years of life. The yellow line shows the route of My Migration.

My parents lived in married student housing in Richmond, California where I was born. I lived in three more towns during my childhood. I went to college in Nashville, Tennessee and Coral Gables, Florida. I lived in Alexandria, Virginia when I met my husband and the rest of my travels have been with him.

Living in so many geographical areas is a great source of pride for me. When asked where I am from I will often just say the USA (blue). I was happy to see the challenge so I could do this fiber work about my life. I used embroidery floss and Perle cotton.