Joni Danaher

USA flag

Location: Highland Lakes, New Jersey

Five States, Two Countries

Until I began to design my piece for the collaboration I never thought about the fact that I had lived in 5 different states within my country, the United States: Waterbury Connecticut, Boston Massachusetts, Long Beach California, New York New York and Highland Lakes New Jersey. That revelation steered my design. Each state has had a unique influence on my art and personal philosophy (and cooking).

I also realized that I started out in a small town and now for the second time, I find myself in a small town… not sure what that means yet!

The light blue fabric used in my piece is from a favorite old shirt that made several of those state to state moves with me. I stitched with a silver floss to trace the order of my routes. But big picture, ultimately I am the result of my grandparents’ brave emigrations from Belarus and Ireland. They took risks and faced challenges I cannot imagine. Their flags are stitched in to represent and honor those cultures that have shaped me.