Stitchgasm – Biscornu by Fourth Graders

Another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch

Mrs. Bowles (Libby to her friends) is a super talented artist (and cook) and an art teacher for grades K-8 at  John Morse School in Sacramento, California.  The projects her kids work on are always amazing and give me hope for arts in public schools, even if hers is an exceptional case. Her fourth graders just finished a cross-stitch section (yes, cross stitch in public school arts class) where they made biscornu.


These were made by Zuzu and Olivia with 3 ply Paternayan Persian Wool on 6 square per inch Herta cloth (aka Aida).

Jackson chose a more geometric pattern for his (right).

The backs are 100% wool felt and they’re stuffed with wool batting.

Zuzu, Olivia and Jackson were the first of 33 fourth grade students in this class to finish.  Here are some works-in-progress by more students:

You can see that Mrs. Bowles teaches “her kids” that investing time and care will create something beautiful. She says there’s nothing like the feeling she gets when they finish their projects and are amazed at what they were able to make.  I’d have traded several construction paper projects for just one project like this.


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