Stitchgasm! – Colleen Tighe’s Self Portrait


Another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch!

When I saw this self portrait by Colleen Tighe I just wanted to shout ‘YESS!!’.  I love how honest this piece is – the double chin and open mouth that will inevitably drool everywhere.  Lets be realistic – none of us look like those slender necked, perfectly made up movie stars while we sleep and I for one will forever embrace anything with a double chin.

Self Portrait by Colleen Tighe

Colleen writes:

“For my experimental narrative class we had to write about an autobiographical event and illustrate a self portrait from the other person’s P.O.V. in the story. I decided to write about the long term relationship I have with my bed and the emotional struggles we have together.” 

To see more of Colleen’s illustration work, check out her blog.

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