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Swine Flu. You can’t watch the news, read the paper or make small talk right now without it becoming a topic for discussion. Sarah from the Craftivist Collective wishes all of that energy could be focused in other areas, like preventing STD’s and AIDS.

swine flu mask

Sarah says: “I thought it was a perfect message to sew onto a mask. Since Swine Flu has been splashed all over the british newspapers and news programmes more and more shops have been selling masks with silly pictures on for silly amounts of money. I thought it was really sick that businesses saw this as a fashion trend and a way to make more money. I also thought it was ridiculous that there is people out there willing to buy a mask yet still not willing to wear condoms. The UK is awful for people of all ages not wearing condoms and women and girls pressured into having unprotected sex.”

You can find out more about the Craftivist Collective at their website – check it out!

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