Stitchgasm! – Cross stitch tattoos?


Not a traditional stitchgasm, but a big thanks to AlexCateye for bouncing this awesome tattoo in my direction [via] The nit pickers among you might decide it’s pixellated rather than cross stitched, but it’s close enough for me.
And so is this one from Nick Baxter:

What do you think – cool?

Mr X
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Mr X
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7 thoughts on “Stitchgasm! – Cross stitch tattoos?

  • I have been killing myself trying to design a kick ass cross stitch tattoo. I have seen some killer sewing maching and knitting tats. These are pretty cool.

    Back to the drawing board for me.

  • Done, Ruby. 🙂 This is very, very cool, and gives me an interesting idea. Maybe I can use the video game graphics from the first Sam and Max game to design my Max tattoo in cross stitch… 😀

  • awesome. thanks for sharing

  • It’s a committment, that’s for sure.

    I do love how pixels and cross stitch are merging into 1990 video game nostalgia.

  • Either way, cross stitch, pixelated, it’s RAD.

  • I must admit I’ve been thinking about some sort of Mr X Stitch tattoo and this is quite inspiring.

  • The top one totally looks like a cross stitch pattern (because of the black outlining) and it’s pretty awesome.

    The bottom one looks more like a pixelated picture and is just beautiful. I love how it goes from realistic to pixelated.

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