Stitchgasm! Heyly’s K-Pop cross stitches

Heyly’s love for K-Pop stars expresses itself in these clever cross stitches!

I haven’t got the foggiest who these guys are, but the idea is fantastic.

There are quite a few more over on Heyly’s deviantArt gallery.

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7 thoughts on “Stitchgasm! Heyly’s K-Pop cross stitches

  • omg I’m not the only stitching Kpop fanatic! T.O.P., Joooooonnniya (Joon of MBLAQ) & I maybe Daesung? Not sure about the last one. love it!!

  • I came to this post thinking, “Hey, I bet Katy has commented with who they are,” AND I WAS RIGHT. 😀

    • you know it! Two of my obsessions combined! Only thing that would be better is if it were a video games about stitching Kpop stars. Then it would be three favorite things!

  • Someone sent me this link. Holy freaking awesome needlework!

  • A little known fact, but if you linger your cursor over the images, little descriptions appear. In this instance, they explain the names of these K-Pop sensations. 🙂

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