Stitchgasm! – High Texture Moon Embroidery from Rachel Hobson

Average Jane Crafter, aka Rachel Hobson, made this amazingly detailed, high texture moon embroidery for a Space Craft contest from NASA and Etsy.

High Texture Hand Embroidery of the Moon

Her hope was to win the contest, which would have meant the piece would have been on board one of the last space shuttle flights.

The piece did not make it to the voting stage of the contest, however. Disappointed, she decided to watch a documentary on the Apollo program to raise her spirits. She describes what happened next:

As I watched, my heart filled with excitement once more and I was reminded why I spent so much time on this project; why I stitched craters until I had calluses on my fingertips, why I took the piece with me everywhere I went so I could stitch at any given opportunity, why I delighted in sharing the subject matter with anyone who was gracious enough to ask about it. It wasn’t because of the contest, it was because of the Moon. And space. And embroidery. And the pure joy that these things bring to me. And I can’t let what a random handful of judges think of my work keep me from loving these things and sharing them with other people.

This story really touched me, because it reminded me that one of the most important things in life is doing what you love. Read her post about the experience in full here, and be sure to check out her blog – there’s always something awesome going on there.

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4 thoughts on “Stitchgasm! – High Texture Moon Embroidery from Rachel Hobson

  • Thanks so much for featuring my moon here. I am totally flattered!

    And thanks for your kind words. As sad as I was to not make it to the voting round, I’m truly thankful for the opportunity that disappointment gave me to reflect on what’s really important. And even more grateful I can share that passion with others.

    Stitching rules, y’all! But you already knew that, riiiiight? 😉

  • oh my, rachel. this takes my breath away… it is beyond gorgeous!! i love the you twinkle in my life like a star and your talents are as infinite as the universe!!

  • The work and the sentiment are both gorgeous. I have to remind myself a lot that I do fiber art for me – first and foremost. If other people dig it — awesome. If other people want to buy it — awesome. But first I do it for me to express something I want to express.

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