Stitchgasm! – Hipster by Daydream Stitching

Daydream Stitching, aka Holly Bowers, in her own words:

I was at a party last week. “I like your glasses,” my friend said, “but they look a little bit hipster with those black frames.”
“No!” I said, “I’ve been wearing this style of glasses for YEARS! Well before hipsters started doing it. I liked them-”
“Before they were cool?” my husband interrupted.

Hipsterism is not a lifestyle one chooses. It creeps up on a person like a virus when they least expect it. Before you know it, you’re waking up with stick-on mustaches in your hair and a fixed-gear bike in your bed. No one wants to be a hipster. This embroidery is dedicated to the sinking feeling that you just might be one anyway.


Sometimes the first step to recovery is realizing that you have a problem and stitching about it.

See more from Daydream Stitching in her Flickr photostream. Great things await!

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One thought on “Stitchgasm! – Hipster by Daydream Stitching

  • Ahh! Thank you so much! 😀

    I sold this one, but I want to make for with different fabrics and hipster icons (glasses, PBR etc.) for my Etsy shop (linked from my name).

    I amused myself way too much with the description. Sometimes I start thinking I’m funny, and then we’re all in trouble. 😛

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