Stitchgasm – Intres’s Fantastic Felt Trees

I can hardly stand how much I love these trees!  It took a significant amount of will power, something I don’t have much of, to limit to these 3 photos, because the variety among the 17 trees listed in Intres Handmade’s etsy store as I type this is amazing.

Where I live the cherries and plums are in bloom and it’s part of what makes February tolerable.  Ahhhhh.

This one reminded me of some weeping willows of my past.

This one has wee acorns!  Yeycorns!

There are tropical trees, bonzai trees, PURPLE trees… just go see.  Intres also sells soft sculpture houses.  Whee!  TheMistressT is a sucker for anything tree- or house-shaped.  If you read Spanish, you’ll learn more about Intres’s creations on her blog.


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