Stitchgasm! – Jeanette Lin

It's another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch - the home of contemporary embroidery

I’ve heard some wonderful things about Mister Donut doughnuts. Unfortunately, it’s located in Japan.

Mister Donut by Lit'l Brown Bird

Perhaps I can console myself with a felt version of a pon de ring, thanks to Jeanette Lin.

You should check out her flickr photostream for more felt food creations – or buy a pattern and make your own! Fun!

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2 thoughts on “Stitchgasm! – Jeanette Lin

  • I think a plate of these on the coffee table in place of plastic fruit would be hysterical!

  • I went to Mr. Donut in Seoul. I have to say that it was beyond awesome. We tried to eat at Mr. Pizza, but we couldn’t get in. Also, we weren’t really dressed nice enough.

    I heart those donuts.

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