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Beefranck and I have decided that the next great invention in the Threadiverse has arrived. And it is the John James Twin Pointed Quick Stitch Needles. It has an eye in the centre and saves you milliseconds on each stroke as you don’t have to turn the needle at all. If, as I have found, you fix your frame to a stand so both hands are free, you can get a good pace going. It’s a brilliant idea, and all those milliseconds will really add up to a good time saving in the long term.

John James Twin Pointed Quick Stitch Needles
It’s a brand new trend, and yet another reason why Mr X Stitch is at the cutting (and stitching) edge of the contemporary embroidery world. So go and buy some now! πŸ™‚

If those fine folks at John James needles are listening, they are more than welcome to furnish us with samples of their other goods! πŸ™‚

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13 thoughts on “Stitchgasm – John James Twin Pointed Quick Stitch Needles

  • I had problems with snappage too when I used twin-pointed needles, but I haven’t tried the John James ones yet. I use the petite needles all the time though, so if they are the same quality, I can’t wait to try them.

  • I’ve tried the Birch verson of these needles, but they snapped in about five minutes. πŸ™

  • I want, nay, NEED these.

  • These look so awesome! I wonder if it would eliminate most of the thread twisting that happens after stitching for a while. It’s so annoying having to stop every few stitches to untwist the threads!

  • I’m in agreement. Looks good. I might need to pick me up some of those.

  • yeah they’re totally not new (as the lovely ladies in my stitching group scorningly told me) have been around for ages (read=decades) apparently. But how exciting is it to see the word ‘revolutionary’ on a craft supply packet!!! Bring it on!!

    My tip for the watching out for snappage is to keep your wee fingers off the middle of the needle. It is pretty fragile so can’t handle being squeezed much. But if you stick to the ends, they’re pretty fun.

  • I kind of already do this with my regular needles. I use 26’s and they seem to work fine, even if I do stab myself regularly.

    Interesting though. I would be willing to try them, but I think I would probably snap them all within the first hour.

  • I thought I might break it myself, but these are really sturdy. I like them! And I just love John James needles. The petite needles are one of the best things that ever happened to me. Someday I’ll write a song or a poem about them. πŸ™‚

  • Maybe it’s because I am a total noob but I have no idea how this would work. Explaination please?

    • Hi Kit,
      Good question!
      Here’s a picture of one of the needles in more detail:
      The thread is put through the eye in the middle and then you can push through the aida or evenweave with either end, without having to turn the needle over.
      They’ve got rounded edges so they won’t work on embroidery fabric, but they’re spot on for cross stitch!

  • Well, that’s like some kind of ninja tool for stitching! I love the idea of this, but think that it’s one of the myriad ways I could hurt myself AND stain my work (if I ever pick it up again). Ahem.

    That said, Kakariki has provided us with an awesome quote, “But if you stick to the ends, theyÒ€ℒre pretty fun.”

  • Reall interesting! I did a little mime in the air to see how they worked(!) and I LOVE the idea. I wonder if they do large size needles (would avoid the snapping problem)… will check it out now. Thanks for this. x

  • Ahh I see thanks for the reply! I don’t do cross stitch just embroidery, probably why I couldn’t get my tiny brain around the idea!

    Thanks again!

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