Stitchgasm! – Kawaii Cloud

Another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch

Oh. My. GOODNESS. Check out these little handmade cuties!


They were made by Kawaii Cloud, aka Pati. To see more kawaii goodies, check out her blog (which is in Spanish), flickr photostream, or etsy store.

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12 thoughts on “Stitchgasm! – Kawaii Cloud

  • Hi!
    Those sure are cute.
    How did they get on here then..?
    I thought we were edgier than that..?

  • Hey now! We’re covering well executed contemporary needlecraft, right?

    There’s no rule that says things can’t be both cute AND contemporary. I mean, just look at things that have already been posted here, like Love And A Sandwich’s entry into Mortal Plush:

    or Kathy Noemi’s robot looking for love:

    Thus proving cute and contemporary are not mutually exclusive. So there. πŸ˜›

  • Eh.
    I dunno, I always thought we were a bit hardcore, a bit gangsta, a bit ninja, a bit pirate y’know.
    I don’t even remember those posts going up.

    *checks posts*

    Aha, I see the author is down as one the Right Honourable Lady Beefranck. That explains why they escaped my scrutiny.

    But seriously though, we don’t really do cute stuff on here though really do we?
    I mean, you wouldn’t catch me looking at any of that kind of cutesy stuff. It’s not what I do.

  • Huh. Really? Because someone named Mr. X Stitch posted on this cute applique by Melissa Crowe:

    And it seems that the same person also wrote this post about Melissa Sue Stanley’s cute monsters, birds, and amigurumi:

    And while he didn’t actually write the post, a emailed me a link to this Mary Poppins plush:
    along with the suggestion to write a post about it at

    So. What do you say to that, Mr Hardcore Gangsta Ninja Pirate?

    • I deny all knowledge of those events. I would propose that I may have been abducted by aliens and random periods over the past few months, and these posts have occurred while my body has been inhabited by lifeforms from another dimension.
      That’s right.
      It couldn’t be that I found such cute things.
      No sir.
      I am turning my back on these ideas.
      I am constructing a Denial-o-meter, and its current setting in response to you is at 7 – Fingers in ears and making a “lalala” noise to obscure counter argument.
      You’ll never catch me advocating such stitchery. Never.


  • Woah! Dude! That’s a lot of denial.

    You know, if I really wanted to, I could post absolute proof of your ability to appreciate cute. It would be EASY. I’ve got emails, pictures – even video. But I’m kind of enjoying making you squirm. πŸ˜€

    So instead, I’ve decided I want to continue this discussion of contemporary cuteness within needlework. Once a week should cover it.

    I guess I’ll see you here next Tuesday, same time, same place?

  • Okay, you guys are hilarious. Also, cute cute cute! =)

  • Hey, they were made with needles. Needles are sharp. You could poke yourself and bleed. That makes crafting dangerous and thus, hardcore.

  • Ha ha ! I agree with Kid Missile !
    Hilarious, indeed, and yeah … You gotta admit it boys …
    You are C.U.T.E … Sorry !
    Oh ! But cute with an edge πŸ˜‰

    x x x

  • Aw, lookit their twee little arms and legs so kyooooot…

    ahem…I mean…wow these are edgy as all get out…yes

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