Stitchgasm – Keith Clark’s Bank Card

Keith Clark's Cross Stitched Credit Card
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It's another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch - the home of contemporary embroidery

Big props to manbroiderer Keith Clark who came up with a great piece of craftivism that made it into the national press here in the UK.

Keith Clark's Cross Stitched Credit Card

Keith Clark posted a message on the Santander UK Facebook page explaining his frustration. He had ordered a replacement card after his was cloned at the end of April, something he praised the bank for flagging up.

However, he was less impressed with the time taken to provide a replacement. He says he was told one would arrive within 8-10 days and when it didn’t, he went into a branch, only to be told one hadn’t been ordered.

He says he immediately ordered a new one. But this didn’t arrive. He decided to start stitching on Monday, 19 days after ordering his card. Then he posted it.

Keith Clark, manbroiderer

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His creation arrived at Santander’s head office on Wednesday morning, having been sent using the Royal Mail’s recorded delivery service.

“My motivation was I found it unbelievable that it takes 8-10 days to make a debit card and send it to me so I thought I’d wait and see how long it takes to get something to them,” the 29-year-old says. “If I can knock something out and send it within three days, why can’t they?”

Clark has previous experience when it comes to cross-stitching. Eighteen months ago the west Londoner started stitching portraits of R&B stars and DJs to “kill time on the Tube”. But he’s been taken aback by the reaction on social media to his bank card.

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