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Another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch

Kromosapien met and married the love of his life, and when that happened he came to know friend of Mr X Stitch, Miki Karson – his mother-in-law. She taught him how to embroider (how lucky to have such a talented teacher!) and this is his first embroidery.

kromosapien and threadstar

This embroidery is filled with personal meaning for Kromosapien that you can read more about here. He has been updating Miki’s blog as she is concentrating on battling a serious illness. Show him and Miki some love by visiting her blog or flickr photostream.

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  • The blog is invitation only.

  • Yeah, that must have changed in the last few days. Sorry guys!

  • Hey and thank you sooo very much, last nite the bog was messed up…I went to post and all of the September posts were gone, don’t know what happened but closed it overnite trying to find out… wanted to at least get a post up. All of the posts with the story were written in Sept. and are not there anymore. I was able to scramble 2 brief posts together today..still don’t know what the problem is but the blog is available to everyone…again thanks and my apologies. kromosapien

  • Thanks for the update, kromo – sorry to hear about the blog, hopefully you’re able to recover everything!

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