Review – Leethal’s Stitch Sets

The Fifth Friday Festival of FabulousnessWoot! It’s still the Fifth Friday Festival of Fabulousness!

Wowzer! So what’s next? It’s a review from Beefranck! Let’s do it!

Have you seen the awesome Lee Meredith‘s connect the dots stitch sets?


They start off like this…


And end up like this!

When I saw that there was a cryptozoology set, I knew I had to have one. As a cross stitcher, connect-the-dots embroidery was a fun and easy way for me to try out something I’ve always found intimidating – stitching without the aid of aida fabric to tell me where to put my needle next. Of course, in this case the numbers tell me where to put my needle next… but hey, baby steps, right? 🙂

This kit was a ton of fun to stitch, and I highly recommend them. What’s that? You’d like one of your own? Well, it’s your lucky day, because Lee has been generous enough to provide us with one kit to give away! You can choose between cryptozoology, woodland creatures, craft tools, or dinosaurs. Just look for the giveaway post later on today and comment to be entered to win!

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