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Today, a multiple stitchgasm thanks to Leigh, who contacted me recently to tell me about a project she recently finished, based on the “All American Sideshow”.

“The most inspiring project I have embarked on was based on the ‘All American Sideshow’. I chose this subject as I did not have much knowledge on the world of carnival folk, and so it allowed me to learn as well as create. From what I discovered in various books and documentaries, I created an image of each ‘freak’ character, which then became real on paper.

These drawings were translated into stitch using the sewing machine, taking inspiration from embroiderers such as Angharad South and Laura McCafferty. Some took on more than one form and others even developed out of stitch into rug tufting, a craft I had never really experimented with before but tried to use in an different way. The most important thing for me was that I got an insight into a world that is considered to be behind us.  I feel the project was a real personal success and a creative journey that will always stay with me. “

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  • Stamp tattoo girl is incredible, and not just because I’m a stationary/post junkie. It’s such a vibrant image. That one Olympic stamp bleeding beyond the sewn outline. The Olympics, always hogging more than it needs.

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