Stitchgasm! – Little Willy by Mabith

I’m a huge fan of blackwork and the macabe. This piece by Mabith is a glorious combination of the two.

Little Willy in the Best of Sashes...

See more cool stuff at Mabith’s Flickr photostream.

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One thought on “Stitchgasm! – Little Willy by Mabith

  • I had this verse in a book as a child! That version was a little different, but very similar…
    Billy, in one of his bright blue sashes
    Fell in the fire and was burned to ashes
    Now, although the night grows chilly
    We haven’t the heart to stir poor Billy.

    The cover had a drawing of a boy whose fingernails had grown so long they were near to clawing his face. Sometimes you have to wonder about the things that are given to children to read…

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